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NEW PRICES EFFECTIVE September 1, 2015!

Batting cages are still $25/ hour

The 70'x70' open area is now $75/hour


You must give us 24 hours notice if you can't make your reservation for any reason. You may contact us by phone or email as long as it's 24 hours in advance to receive a credit for future booking. No Refunds.

A waiver form must be completed before using the facility. Please click here to download the waiver form.

Discounts: Purchases must be made all at once to receive discount.

Spend $500-$1500 save 5%

Spend $1500 or more and save 10%

Below are some examples for team practices. Please feel free to mix and match any combination that you want.

Team Practice Session Example #1: $500. less 5% for a total of $475 + tax. Less than $42 per player!

20- 1 hour practices using 1 batting cage


10- 1 hour practices using 2 batting cages

Example #2: $1250 less 5% for a total of $1187.50 + tax. Less than $99 per player!

10- 1 hour practices using 2 batting cages and the open area

Example #3: $2000. less 10% for a total of $1800 + tax. Less that $150 per player!

20- 1 hour practices using 1 batting cage and the open area


Our facility is large enough to accommodate several teams at once. We give you the options to work on the skills you want to teach your kids. We provide all the equipment from pitching machines, mounds, and screens to the little things like throw down bases and batting tees. We even have a six station soft toss net. All of this is included in your rental at no additional charge.

Please keep in mind that our open turf area is almost 5000 sq. ft.! That area alone is larger than other facilities entire building. For only $75/ hour!